We remanufacure all types turbochargers for engines: Passinger cars, Trucks, Earth loaders, Ships, Agricultural machines, Industrial engines and Lcomotives.

Turbo Servis is autorized distributor for next world leaders turbocharger manufacturers:


Quality of remanufacturing we improved with high tech equipments and high level of the expertise of our employees. All services activityes we doing in our central workshop in Uzice. In our branch offices customer can change their turbocharger for new or reman one.



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Our warehouse is adapted to the market requirements and has lot of spare parts and new units which help us to minimize repairing time to 3 - 4 hours with high level quality.




Turbochargers and other parts from our product - sales program we can send by post or bus to all destination in Serbia and countries in surrounding. (BiH, HR, MK, SLO, AUT, CH)

One of the possibilities is to come in our workshop in Uzice by car where our mechanics can take off turbo from the car and after remanufacturing return back to the car.


All parts (bearings, piston rings, gaskets...) we change on every turbochargers. All other components we are checking according to the factory specifications and, if necessary, changing the new ones.

One of the most important steps in remanufacturing turbochargers is testing. We balance every rotor assembly and test turbo on the test bench last generation which can support rotor speed up to 300.000 rpm.



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 We have equipment for testing and calibration turbochargers with electronic regulations which help us successful remanufacture turbochargers controled with elctro actuators.

Ispitivanje i kalibracija

 From 2016. we have line for serial prodiction according to the request OE customer and designed according to the standard for automotive industry ISO16949.

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